New Hamilton Dialogue Group


These meetings are an enquiry into transformation through self understanding, with the help of the words of J Krishnamurti.


All are welcome, even for a single meeting.


As one of his biographers said, when asked what Krishnamurti was all about: “He is about what we are about”.


Author, Philosopher, Founder of Schools, World Speaker; his words have complete relevance to the issues and problems of daily living for us all, young and old.


Krishnamurti was never a Guru; he accepted no followers and he questioned all beliefs, systems, and spiritual methods. He urged each individual “to be a light unto oneself”. His concern was the complete transformation of human beings.


These meetings will take the form of a half hour video followed by a discussion/dialogue. The emphasis will be on enquiring together. Topics covered will include: Conflict, Conditioning, Relationship, Transformation, Meditation, Love .....


Meetings will be every first and third Sunday of the month, at 2pm until around 4pm.


Join the Hamilton Dialogue Group here.



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