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- Biennial International Committees Meetings


The Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, based in the UK, held a gathering of all the Krishnamurti International Committees in July at the Krishnamurti Centre in Hampshire. The Krishnamurti Association in New Zealand (KANZ) participated in this series of meetings. There were approximately 40 attendees, mostly from Europe, but there were also people from Canada, Australia, and of course New Zealand. The aim of the gathering is to bring people together who are deeply involved in promoting the teachings of Krishnamurti in their countries, and to share experience and information.  The meetings worked well in achieving this.


The agenda for the 3 days started each day with the group watching a talk extract on a particular theme and then moving into smaller groups to hold a dialogue.  The second half of each morning was then dedicated to presentations, Krishnamurti and digital and social media, closer ways of collaborating between Brockwood and Committees, and presentations from specific committees, e.g. the dialogue process, activity in France related to their centre called “La Maison” (a lovely old house in the French countryside). Afternoon sessions focused specific questions especially related to discussing existing and new ways of dissemination information on the teachings.  On the middle day in the afternoon two groups were formed with one going on a local walk, and the second spending the afternoon exploring Winchester. There were two impromptu concerts held on the Saturday and Sunday evenings with quite extraordinary talent.


Overall the international committees were staffed by dedicated people who were all facing reasonably common challenges, such as low finances, and the internal challenges generally present when people get together to work in groups of trying to agree direction. The time at the international committees meetings for participants was valuable as it enabled everyone to take a helicopter view of their committee’s activities and look at them within the context of many other similar groups.


Resulting from these meetings it became clear that KANZ has two key challenges, promoting the teachings successfully to young people, and involving active people in KANZ


By seeing the work of other committees KANZ was able to look at the work that it could/would like to do in a realistic way and see what is achievable with its limited resources, with maximum impact.


1. Web Site - this acts as a window into KANZ


2. E-Newsletter - this enables KANZ to maintain contact with people in NZ interested in the teachings


3. Dialogue Groups - there are now three dialogue groups (Auckland, Palmerston North, and Christchurch).  KANZ can provide promotional support to help attract more people to the groups


4. Dialogue Process - KANZ has the ability to help the current dialogue groups increase the quality of their dialogue process.  This was discussed at the ICM.


5. Two upcoming feature films - there are two feature films in production, one on K and one on David Bohm.  This is an opportunity for KANZ to  build on the release of these films to raise interest in the teachings in NZ.


The overall outcome from KANZ attending the ICM was that it looks like KANZ is doing well with the resources available in the management of a web site and  circulation of a monthly newsletter. The NZ dialogue groups are in a good state.  However, there is opportunity to promote them further, e.g. on Facebook, to gain additional participants and to provide some effective guidance re the dialogue process. Given this KANZ has now created a dedicated Facebook page and is promoting the New Zealand dialogue groups.  The page has 150 followers after four weeks of existence.



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